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Well, it was bound to happen, I have decided to stop blogging, you can still follow me on, Tumbling along or Twitter.

Web 2.0 at its best!

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As soon as you launch threadless in your browser you fall in love with the site design, well thats just the beginning. Threadless is an online community centered apparel store, where members submit tshirt designs and the others vote for the best designs. The best designs get made into tshirts. You can buy them on the site. Simple and Stylish!

Sweet designs and a killer business model make this site is a must visit. Web 2.0 at its best!

quote from 37signals

Threadless is on point. Real, profitable, human, funny, quality, charitable, and independent. It’s about time more people started paying attention.

An article of Threadless in Inc.

Yes, I am still alive!

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Hi all,
Upgraded my blog to Wordpress 2.6, much better interface.
Will kick start this blog again!
Categories not working yet, working no it!

Tumble Along

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Tumblr www.tumblr.com
Well its been a while since I wrote a post on this blog, what’s my excuse? Well its this wonderful service called Tumblr. Tumblr lets you create tumblelogs. You might ask “isn’t it same as a blog?“, Tumblelogs are completely different. To quote an analogy from the Tumblr site “If blogs are journals, tumblelogs are scrapbooks.

Tumblr has also made it super easy to create posts. You can create posts of photos, texts, quotes, links, chats ,video or even audio all with a simple bookmarklet.

It is a fun way to share everything you like without worrying about articulating it. So come tumble along, you have no excuse not to!

Check out my tumblelog at www.karthiksetty.com/tumble

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Who said forms were boring?

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Wufoo makes is really simple to collect information online, be it a customer satisfaction survey or just a simple registration. Wufoo has a powerful form builder that lets you create all this without writing any code. You can export the data collected and also build reports. It even has a theme builder to customize how your forms look. Now you can integrate Paypal or Google checkout for your payments. All in all a simple but great tool!

So go make beautiful forms!

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I finally took time off to redo my homepage, check it out…



I used textmate and the Web developer Firefox extenstion.

If you want to learn XHTML and CSS I recommend Head First HTML with CSS and XHTML.


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www.inviteshare.comInvite Share
Are you waiting to check out that latest private beta? Is the invite taking just too long to arrive? Then try out InviteShare where everyone is invited! Registering is pretty simple, no invite needed ;). After you register you can add yourself to the invite list of any of the sites. The way this works is other users invite people who want to get in, why do they do it? Because they get bumped up on the other lists they are on. The more invites you pass on the easier it is to get into the sites you really want to check out! You can get Pownce, Joost, Gleamd or Skitch invites pretty easily. The site currently has invites to 44 websites. Its a great way to check out all the new websites out there before everyone else does.

Jack! Who is he?

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You Don’t Know Jack
You Dont Know Jack www.youdontknowjack.com
Well if you have some time to kill you must check out ‘You don’t know Jack’, what the heck even if you don’t you have to check it out! But don’t tell me I didn’t warn you, this online trivia game is hilarious, addictive and definitely wacko!
‘You Don’t know Jack’ is a comedic fusion of high culture with pop culture. You will keep laughing through all the questions!
Go ahead, give it a shot, but don’t forget to remember the clueeee!

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A breath of fresh air

19 May 2007 In: flash, web2.0



The future of webapps is here, it feels just like working on the desktop but instead you use your browser and also there is no software to install, believe me its great! Scrapblog does just this. We all have some photos and scrapbooks which we would love to treasure our entire lives. Well from now on you can. Scrapblog lets you create multimedia scrapbooks by just dragging and dropping, its that easy!

The editor is built on flash, it feels slick and designed in such a way that anyone can use. You can choose from a number of themes, import photos from flickr or photobucket and drop it to any of your slides. You can also drop cliparts, shapes and even videos. The end result is an awesome flash slide show which you can publish with friends, family or everyone. People can also comment on your slides.


You will be surprised with how good the final slides look. This is one great product with awesome user experience.

Just go express yourself!

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High on ‘WOW’!

25 Mar 2007 In: 37signals, productivity, web2.0


Highrise www.highrisehq.com

Don’t be fooled, this website has nothing to do with tall buildings, instead Highrise is an *amazing* online contact manager. It is the latest creation from 37signals, the creators of *amazing* web applications like basecamp, backpack, writeboard, ta-da lists and campfire.

The webapp sticks to the company philosophy,

Committed to building the best web-based software products possible with the least number of features necessary. Our products do less than the competition — intentionally.

Hence this is not a full fledged CRM application but it just has enough for a small business to keep track of its customers and it does a brilliant job at that. You can add contacts and assign notes to them, add tasks and to-dos and keep conversation history. It is a well thought out and a web made app. Take a tour to understand the complete feature set.
While you are at it don’t forget to check out their book maybe it can inspire you create something beautiful … no back to my reading ;)

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